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The Buckanizer
The word creation Buckanizer comes from the words BUCKET (meaning bucket) and the ORGANIZER. It dubbed the features of the first Detailing Outlaws product very apt: One developed a storage container for the washing bucket! Sounds strange, but it is not. Because almost every hand washer will certainly find one of the following situations:

In the car wash with 2 washing gloves often lack the shelf to store the used for the upper vehicle glove. Of course, the worst-case scenario is putting it down on the dirty floor. Alternatively, hang the glove over the edge of the bucket and hope that it will only fall into the bucket when slipping and not next to it.
The brush also used during the wash disappears into the depths of the 20L bucket and must be fished out before each use or is always in the way of the removal of the glove / sponge in the way.
When cleaning the rim with brush, brush and sponge, the bucket is always closed due to overfilling – a storage of utensils outside the bucket is only possible with the risk of contamination.
After the car wash somehow everything is always in the way when cleaning the buckets! Gloves, brushes, cloths, brushes … everything has to fit in somewhere while you wash out the buckets.
In the case of the waterless / rinseless laundry one always has a space problem when using several cloths, since a return of the dirty cloths to the rinseless solution is not an option.
So if you find yourself in one or more of the above mentioned scenarios, the Buckanizer is YOUR new car wash tool! The container is made of flexible yet durable poly-propylene and has been developed with a very sophisticated suspension mechanism. This mechanism allows the buckanizer to be clipped onto all standard 3.5 and 5 gallon buckets (popularly known as the “Grit Guard Bucket”). The special feature: This also works if you use the well-known Gamma-Seal cover – not for nothing is the system of Detailing Outlaws in the EU and in America patented!

Fits in all car care situations
In addition to the patented fastening system, Detailing Outlaws has tried to consider all relevant points for such a tool. Here are some facts about the Buckanizer:

Fits almost every 3.5 / 5 gallon bucket, also with the well-known Gamma-Seal cover ring
The buckanizer can be stowed in the IM washing bucket and will even fit when using a Grit Guard sieve and washboard. With 5 gallon buckets, even the lid can be closed when the Buckanizer incl. The Grit Guard parts are in the bucket
Even when using the Grit Guard Dolly roller system, the buckanizer can be attached to both bucket sizes
Up to 4 Buckanizers fit on a bucket – if you run out of space 😉
There are two drainage holes in the bottom of the Buckanizer to prevent it from filling up with water
The volume of the Buckanizer is around 3.7L, the container is about 21cm high, 10cm deep and 26cm wide
100% MADE IN GERMANY, from development to production

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